Shanel Cooper Sykes is CRAZY, fake and judgmental…

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*ATTENTION * There may be a TON of you who think I’m nuts. You think what I say is crazy. That I’m fake and judgmental. That my classes are some B.S… Or you just ALWAYS have something negative to say about my movement.

BUT GUESS WHAT– I don’t do this for you. I do this for THESE WOMEN  >>>
“Hello I am a mother of three age 29. I have no bank account, i don’t manage money well I pay my bills for the well being for my kids. My youngest child’s dad (still together) his job closed down laying him off. talked About marriage but $$ is the problem. My mom never taught me about females priorities or becoming a woman and how to act that’s why I’m here seriously.. I don’t have a female mentor in my life except my cousin. Please give me some honesty but positive feedback.”


“Hello Shanel, I know I have greatness and potential. That potential just seems to be trapped inside me. I’ve been in a rut for so long and I’m ready to start living the way I was destined to live. I wasn’t meant to live in a rut etc. I only been on your page for a week and I’ve learned a lot.”


“Hello Ms. Cooper I am 24 and I have a 3 year old son. I am a single parent and is doing the best that I can for me and my son. I keep God in everything that I do but since I don’t have anyone to look up to our to get any guidance from I don’t know who to turn to on woman to woman tips.”


So you see– THIS is why I have a course called “Men Money & Happiness.” THIS is why I have my ‘Valuable Woman’s Challenge” THIS is why I post so much. And THIS is why if my posts are not for you– you should be on another page. There are women who BELONG on this page. Who need & DESERVE what I have to offer. Who’s lives are being changed from my classes. There are also a TON of women who are too shy/afraid to open up, but they come here and quietly get inspiration. So– if you are not here to 1. learn 2. help others learn or 3. support and encourage those who are learning.. I’m going to kindly ask you AGAIN to
*unsubscribe* Please and Thank you. Now back to life coaching……

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What happened during dinner with ME, Myself, God and I…

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So the other day I made a post while I was out on a dinner date with Me, Myself, God & I…. We had a beautiful night :-)  If you didn’t see that post or any of the comments on my FB page, you can read more below.

Everything was wonderful until my dinner was rudely interrupted by a table of CACKLING, LOUD & OBNOXIOUS, ladies sitting across from me. I had to sit and listen to them rant on for about 45 minutes before my intuition said: “Shanel you HAVE TO say something.” I was literally watching these ladies destroy themselves. (In other words create the mess, drama, and problems that so many women come to me to FIX… after they’ve created it themselves.)

To my surprise, I didn’t even have to be the first to say anything. I observed the ladies and noticed that one of them kept staring at me. So– I stared back. (With a loving smile.) She look perplexed that I was confidently looking back at her WITHOUT giving her attitude or that “WHATTCHU LOOKIN AT” twisted face. (You know the face I’m talking about…)

Then I got up to go to the restroom… A few seconds later the woman that was staring at me came in and said: “I’m not trying to be rude, but how can you sit there and eat by yourself. You too pretty to be alone!” I laughed… and replied “I’m not trying to be rude either, but how can you sit there and eat with people who are so negative? You all are too pretty to be acting so ugly.” She looked at me like I was crazy!!!

Then I introduced myself. And said “I eat alone because I love my own company!” She looked like she was about to cry. She said: “I’m 32 and I have never been able to do that. I can never go out alone, but for some reason I always feel alone. Like I do tonight…”

And in that moment I knew that it was divinely made for me to meet this woman.

We wound up talking in the bathroom for 20 minutes! Then her girlfriend came in looking for her… but that time her ENTIRE demeanor had changed. Her eyes were brighter, her back was up straight and she as EAGER to keep talking to me. (I even made her pull her bangs off of her forehead covering up her pretty face.) Come to find out this woman was in DESPERATE need of some self love, and positive energy. And so was her friend!!! Then the OTHER friend came in… And here I am with 3 strange women in the bathroom of a restaurant doing a self love & confidence class! IT WAS AMAZING!!! It reminded me a LOT of what we talk about in my Valuable Woman class. I was shocked that they were so receptive and open. It seems ALL 3 OF THEM were searching for something that they could not find or get from one another. So the negative energy just kept getting recycled within their friendship. Their cattiness was just a manifestation of that. C

Long story short, we had a wonderful night! I joined them at their table and had the BEST conversation about their dreams, and what they want out of life.


I learned several…

1. ALWAYS be mindful that when you open your mouth SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS BE LISTENING. So don’t blab uncontrollably… because you will create uncontrollable things for yourself.

2. Your friends are a reflection of you. NO MATTER HOW POSITIVE YOU THINK YOU ARE… If you are out with a negative person, you instantly become one too.

3. Never assume everything is ok with your friends and family. There are millions of people DYING inside because no one expresses any genuine LOVE & CARE. Your friends are not VENTING MACHINES or GARBAGE DISPOSALS! Don’t sit around and just gossip or dump your problems onto them. Ask them… how are YOU doing? Whats going on in your life? How can we grow together? Learn together? Teach one another? DON’T BE FOOLED, there are tons of women hiding behind hair, make-up, and material things who are SCREAMING for some help.

4. SPEAK UP if you see another person doing something destructive. ALWAYS find a way to spread love and positive energy. SO WHAT if they don’t like it, or want to cuss you out or fight. We “mind our own business” so much those in need the most often get overlooked. If you want your life to be better, help to make someone else’s better.

5. Spend some time alone. If you can’t enjoy your own company, how can anyone else? If you don’t know what it feels like to be loved, paid attention to, listened to or entertained… how in the WORLD will someone else know how to do it TO you? You train people how to love & treat you by the way you love & treat yourself. THIS is one of the biggest complaints I hear from men “She can’t even see that I love her” SO… FALL IN LOVE YOU— so he can too!!!

Thanks for allowing me to share my story with you! I’d love to hear what you took from it.  Be sure to post your comment on my FB page, and check out my Valuable Woman class.  LOVE YOU!!