there’s no rules to being you…

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…don’t you agree?

Your beauty, your fabulous-ness, your femininity, your power, your confidence, your style…

It all happens naturally and effortlessly, right?

Wrong! I don’t believe so and you know so. It’s not effortless and it doesn’t happen on its own.

Everything you know and that you are — you’ve learned… everything you do and everything you believe and think are all things that you’ve picked up from your parents, your friends… society, magazines, videos, the women in your community, books, music, your pastor and the bible even…


…the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you move your hands when you speak — the way you smile, the way you sing, the way you dance…

AND EVEN what you consider fun, what you think is success — what you call failure, the way you handle a compliment – what you think your value to the world is and your own belief in yourself is ALL things and ideas that you’ve learned from people and life.

Nothing that you are is truly yours or you.

I know it’s hard to hear that, but I’m telling you for a reason.

Because if you can pick up one discipline, learn it and make it yours, then you can put down that routine and pick up a new one and do the exact same thing.

Are you an extraordinary woman? Do you feel like an extraordinary woman?

I don’t fault you if you’ve picked up habits, rituals and routines that aren’t helping you to feel and be an extraordinary woman… That’s what I’m here for.

My mother started teaching me the rules and disciplines of charm and etiquette before I could speak. She couldn’t help it… it’s what she did — she was a charm and etiquette trainer and teacher before I was born. It was ingrained in her the same way the habits you have today are etched into you.

Over the years I’ve spoken for thousands of hours. And I’ve captured a lot of it on video too. You probably found out about me through one of the videos I did, talking and talking and talking about womanhood and how to be an extraordinary woman.

BUT reading is fundamental… and it’s still the most influential and important way of communication we have today. It’s also one of the fastest and most proven ways to pickup new habits.

When you read and repeat what you’ve learned in your life, you can have remarkable results happen just as if I was right there with you doing it step by step guiding you.

I honestly and truly want you to be the best woman that you can be. I think that if the women of the world are at their best, then the world itself will be a better place. And that’s why I do what I do.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now. I have 3 new books that I’m releasing… I call them…

Extraordinary Woman's Collection
Stilettos in the Kitchen
A Guide to Being an Extraordinary Woman
Woman Habits
50 Habits to Elevate Your Sexiness, Cleanliness, Godliness and Happiness
Shanel’s Lost Thoughts
A Written Collection of Wisdom, Words and Valuable Lessons

My Collector’s Edition of Stilettos in the Kitchen is the original version, untouched and unaltered. Women around the world have learned from this book and changed their lives. Some have gotten new jobs, others created businesses, got married, bought houses, just became an overall "YES" to life. You’ll get the same info they got and you’ll get it autographed and as a hardcover book so that it can stand the test of time.

Washing your vagina properly might seem like something that most women know, but most don’t. When I released my woman habit videos on Youtube, women around the world responded with "Wow! I didn’t know that" secretly via email. It inspired me so much that I worked hard to convert it into a book so that these powerful, life changing habits can even reach the women who can’t get access to video or a computer. It’s a must for any extraordinary woman.

I’ve taught hundreds of classes. Shanel’s Lost Thoughts is the raw and uncut transcription of those classes into a readable form. Sometimes you can’t get to a computer to pull up my top to key elements to attracting the man of your dreams, or my recipe for manifestation, so I’ve put it all in a book for you. This book will give you easy access to some of my most valuable classes and wisdom so that you have it whenever you need it.

$200 Value for Only $77!

I promise that any one of them will change your life. But, I want you to have all three. Normally, you’d pay nearly $200 for a bundle like this. You know how much my classes cost. And on, you can’t even get a new copy of Stilettos in the Kitchen. They’re selling used copies for $75!

But I want to give you a short, limited time deal… you only have 24 hours though. If you click here RIGHT NOW, I’ll let you finish your order for all 3 of my books for only $77.

And to sweeten the deal, I’ll personally autograph your copy.
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I can’t be there to walk with you every step of the way, but if you’ll trust me and read these books, I can share with you the habits that have been passed down through the generations of women in my family and that have been taught to me to make me the extraordinary and successful woman that I am today.

They’re not hard to learn. It just takes a little bit of dedication and focus from you and me to turn your life into everything you’ve ever dreamed of. 

BUT you have to take the first step. Click here to finish your order now. 

I can’t wait to see what new recipes you whip up for your life and happiness!

The next step is yours… click here!

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  1. Christabel Welbeck says:

    Ive already ordered woman habits and really wabt the other two books. How much will it be

  2. Dominique Maurice says:

    Hi Shanel, I follow you on Twitter and I liked your page on FB and I think for someone as young as you are it’s crazy that you have old school qualities and teachings for young women to follow and I truly admire that about you. I was hoping to get your books for my kindle but I don’t care….I’m going to purchase them anyway because there is a plethora of valuable info in them and I’m eager to start reading…I’ve seen some youTube videos also and the info I learned from them is life changing. I truly appreciate my friend Nancy Arnold who told me about you in the first place….I don’t regret it :)

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