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Why Do Most People FAIL to Achieve Their Dreams, Goals & Ambitions Each Year?

NO GOAL can be achieved without the MOTIVATION to withstand HURDLES that keep you from taking action to achieve your goal.

Most people FAIL to Achieve GOALS because they let drama, excuses, circumstances, fears, past hurts, past failures, and uncertainty ROB them from the MOTIVATION they need to follow-through and take actions to achieve those goals.

Winners develop emotional, physical, and mental strength to block negativity and preserve MAXIMUM energy necessary to stay motivated, excited and diligent towards taking actions every day, every week, every month of the year. Which would naturally make it easier and faster to accomplish ANYTHING you can think of in 2011.

Let me tell you something you already know. You’ve probably learned this lesson the hard way… but it’s a lesson that all successful people have mastered.

If you don’t know how to eliminate everything that’s stopping you from reaching your true potential. You’re driving with the brakes on! You’ll only go so far. You’ll only achieve so much. You’ll only reach the halfway point.

How Can Beastification Week Change My Life… With REAL RESULTS?

Goals can only be achieved when you have motivation. Motivation is what allows you to FOLLOW-THROUGH and take action, even when times get hard. The more actions you take consistently, the easier and faster it is to achieve that goal. Now here’s the problem… you can’t be MOTIVATED if you’re mentally drowning in drama, excuses, circumstances, fears, past hurts, past failures.

Weak motivation (or no motivation at all) means constant stumbling blocks, weak performance, goals get lost in the shuffle, no momentum, no follow through, sucked back into the hustle of everyday life.

Constant, consistent motivation means more actions taken, more confidence, less discouragement less set-backs and goals large and small get achieved faster than ever before!

BEASTIFICATION WEEK is your personal demolition plan to DESTROY fear, ANNIHILIATE obstacles, ELIMINATE excuses, REVERSE circumstances, KILL uncertainty, ZAP doubts, DIFFUSE uncertainties, ERASE stress, CANCEL toxic relationships, BREAK bad habits, MELT excess weight and SHATTER everything that’s been standing between you and your goal.

For a minimum of 7 days – you will be FORCED to live your life in a new way to prepare your mind to achieve goals faster and easier than ever before. I will be in your face 3 times a day. Morning, Noon and Night. Yes, you will be given a strict eating diet, a strict communication diet, a strict entertainment diet, and strict relationship diet.


  • Telephone and computer w/ Internet & a headset or earpiece
  • 7 gallons of water
  • Container of fiber
  • A juicer
  • 2-3 bags of carrots, 7-10 bags of spinach, 7-10 bunches of kale greens, 7 lemons, large ginger root, 14 loose beets, 7-10 apples (You may add, parsley, cucumber, broccoli, strawberries, pear or pineapple if you wish)
  • Food (recipe suggestions will be in the manual)
  • Notebook paper
  • Vision Board Supplies (magazines, poster board, glue sticks, scissors etc)

What’s Included in Beastification Week – ELITE

  • Beastification Manual (Will be E-mailed)
  • Energy Booster Audio (Will be e-mailed with manual)
  • Morning Wake-up calls (Direct phone call from Shanel)
  • Morning E-mails with Daily audio Audio explaining that days phase and assignment.  (will be e-mailed every morning at 6am)
  • Afternoon Live Pledge calls (Call in daily for the LIVE pledge.  approx 10-15 min call Dial in will be e-mailed)
  • Evening Psychology Class (Live on private ustream channel at 9pm EST every night)
  • Midnight Meditation (Live tele-conference.  Dial in will be emailed)

What Are the 7 Phases of Beastification Week

There are 7 Phases to Beastification week, and with each phase there are actions which will be explained in the daily morning audios.

Phase 1: Clarity
Phase 2: Elimination
Phase 3: Visualization
Phase 4: Planning
Phase 5: Funding & Finance
Phase 6: Fear & Focus
Phase 7: Getting Spiritually Plugged in

What Are the Rules of Beastification Week

NO: TV, Radio, alcohol, sugar or sweets, smoking, sex, extended telephone convo’s, entertainment, unnecessary sleeping, or arguing

How Will My Days Start and End During Beastification Week

  • 6am wake-up call (YOU MUST GET UP, even if you have nothing to do) – for GOLD & ELITE only
  • Listen to energy booster audio and exercise (immediately after waking up)
  • Take a shock shower and recite your affirmations in the shower
  • Call in to the afternoon pledge at 1pm est
  • Have an hour of power (1 hour working on your goal)
  • Complete the daily assignment (which will be explained in the daily audios)
  • Watch the evening Psychology class at 9pm est (live on
  • Listen in to midnight meditation (will be a live tele-conference)

What Are the Requirements of Beastification Week

  • Drink a gallon of water per day
  • Adhere to the Beastification Diet (high protein, high fiber and low fat and juice 2 times a day)
  • Take a shock shower every morning
  • Have an hour of power (one hour spent working on your goal)
  • Juice 2x a day
  • Include 30 grams of fiber in your diet
  • Take a multi-vitamin
  • Exercise and sweat daily (listening to the energy booster audio)
  • Be present for all calls and classes
  • E-mail or call Shanel to update her on daily progress and send pictures

If you have any additional questions — please reply to the post on FACEBOOK by clicking HERE… OR comment on this blog post. Your question IS important and will be added to this list and answered quickly. We will make every effort to reply within 2 hours or less.

How Much is Beastification Week?

Normally an intense, virtual workshop like this would cost at least $299. Especially considering the fact that you’ll reuse these materials month after month and continue getting maximum results  for the next 12 months of your life. But we’ve gone to great lengths to make this affordable for EVERYONE regardless of budget.

Beastification Week Elite – is for PROFESSIONAL entrepreneurs, dreamers, achievers who NEED (in-your-face) BEASTIFICATION 3 TIMES A DAY – to GUARANTEE their success in 2011. It includes the 6AM Wake up Call every day, afternoon pledge everyday, and LIVE access to the 9pm class on USTREAM every night.  PLUS a personalized recorded audio/video consultation that encourages you to achieve YOUR specific goal. It requires an investment of $167 for the entire 7 day workshop. You will also receive audio, video, manual downloads immediately after class. No members area. No waiting. No delays. However, only 50 spots are available! —

Beastification Week Gold – is for SERIOUS students who want to make change in their life who need BEASTIFICATION 3 Times a Day. You’ll get the 6AM morning motivation emailed to you, access to the afternoon pledge, and access to download the night class @ 9pm each night.  For a limited time only you can participate on a daily basis, for a bargain investment of just $19 per day!!! And get Beastification audio and the Beastification Manual immediately after class. No members area. No waiting. No delays.

Beastification Week – is for ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who wants to make change in their life. If you need simple, quick and easy guidance – and can follow along with the Beastification Journal – this option will take you through the Beastification Process with nothing more than your extra investment in time and energy.

Why Should I Jump On This Opportunity Now?

This is my second year doing Beastification Week. I’ve decided… there will not be a BEASTIFICATION WEEK in 2012. By the way, I’m not promising Beastification Week 2013, I’m just telling you in advance… I’ve already canceled Beastification Week 2012 — and I will NOT change my mind under any circumstances.

That’s simply because the people who take Beastification Week this year, won’t NEED ME to drag them through this process again. Because this year, I can assure you… you’re going to get everything permanently IRONED into your brain. When you get the results and experience how many doors of opportunity will open for you… you’ll be glad you made this decision. But…

If you want to stay stuck in the lifestyle you’ve been living… AND you can afford to wait two years for another life-changing experience like this… go ahead. 730 days from now you’ll wish you took this opportunity when you had the chance.

Okay!!! I’m Ready – When Can I Register and Reserve My Spot?

Registration will begin FRIDAY, January 21st at 9pm.

Download the Beastification Manual – to get prepared & get food ready for your Beastification diet.

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  1. Michele Whitfield says:

    Question-you say no sex? I am married-can I still have sex with my husband? Because the Bible teaches not to withhold unless fasting or there is an agreement about a time frame. I can consider this a fast (it is because it is a time of extreme consecration and separation).

  2. Michele Whitfield says:

    Shanel answered it on fb…pls disregard. Thanks.

  3. shaina speight says:

    I ready to get BEASTY!!!

  4. lamees says:

    i would like to part of the movement, my number 00267 72444524

  5. Lexi says:

    What will be available to us in Elite that will not be in the free version? I have friends and family members who are unable to pay and we would like to know what they would miss not being apart of the Elite.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    PS:So excited and ready with my game face on to come out on the other side of Beastification a champion.
    Thank you.

  6. CJ says:

    Hello Shanel! I am commited to everything on the list however the ustream time will not work for me and a few others. You said no recaps so I was wondering if the shows would be recorded and for sale afterwards?

  7. Trinity says:

    im here…im beasty!!!

  8. Karen says:

    Hi I was wondering can I purchase on Gold but only the classes I choose, ie visualisation class and the fear and focus… and not the whole week? thanks.

  9. Kendra says:

    I am already committed to a 21 day spitiritual fast (the Daniel Fast), so I will not be able to do the diet plan. Is that ok?

  10. Lovingmealways says:

    Shanel please have someone from your staff contact me. I signed up for Elite. I didn’t receive your call this morning : (

  11. DK says:

    I would like to sign up for the elite but I am not able to listen to the UStream at 9pm or the meditation at midnight because I work the night shift so can you please let us know if this will be recorded

  12. Tamishia Clayborn says:

    Good Evening

    I have been committed, My day became busy so I was not able to check my email for yesterday and today till today. I didn’t realize the time difference would cause it to appear as if I missed two days rather than just one day of checking my email. As you said there are no excuses, so I will recommit myself to do this again and focus on everything you have taught and said because it is all beneficial toward my personal success and goals for my life.

    I want to say that I truly appreciate all the time, energy, and effort you have put into this program to allow people the ability to learn how to change their thoughts so they can change their life. I know that God himself gave you the strategies on how to make this program beneficial and appealing to everyone. For that I am grateful to you for having an ear to hear what He said to you, putting it into action, and teaching others to also learn to hear the voice of God for them-self. So with that said, I am going to recommit because I understand the rules you set in place and I understand my responsibility to myself and where I need to start over with this process.

    Thank you Shanel for being committed to us and keeping us on our toes in this process.

    Have a blessed rest of your day/evening.


  13. Roxanne Davidson says:

    I’m ready 2 go

  14. Mat28 says:

    Hello Shanel,
    I know we had the chance to ask you a question during the part 2 get beasty, but I wasn’t able to. I would like to find out how do you set yourself up to become a Makeup Artist and what would your advice be on setting up your own Makeup Business..

    Thank you.

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