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WHAT PART OF NO don’t you understand?

Ladies. I told you to LET HIM GO.

Fellas. I told you to LET HER GO.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Trey Songz’ “Can’t Be Friends”. But it applies to more than relationships. Let me explain.

I don’t care if it’s a relationship, insecurity, drama, fears, excuses, doubts, uncertainty, baggage, low self-esteem, and your past, bad habits.

You claim you wish you NEVER did it. But you’re still holding on to all this crap.

You claim you wish you NEVER loved it… but you’re still sleeping with the enemy.

I get it. You’re holding on to it because it FEELS GOOD. Because a part of you isn’t ready to move forward, because you don’t know what’s next. Plus, you feel SAFE when you hold on to all this crap that’s keeping you from reaching your true potential. But face it — it’s still hurting you.

I get it.

Why do you put up with these negative people in your life?
Because you don’t have better friends, and you’re afraid to be alone.

Why do you put up with the emotional abuse your boyfriend puts you through?

Because his sex has you screaming at the top of your lungs and you “think” you can’t find it anywhere else.

Why do you put up with a job that pays you less than you’re worth… when you work harder than you should?

Because this job gives you security – and a “GUARANTEED” pay check week after week.

Why haven’t you taken the time to start your business?

Because you’re too busy being AVERAGE to do the work it takes to be EXTRAORDINARY…– it hurts too much to endure the hardships, the obstacles it takes to get to the TOP.

Why haven’t you changed your diet?
Because you claim you’re too busy to go to the gym, can’t afford healthy foods, and don’t have a workout partner. You actually LIKE eating unhealthy foods, you haven’t figured out how to say NO to yourself.

And the answer to all these question is simple. You are AFRAID OF THE WORD “NO”.

In all these scenarios, you’re not in control of your life.

How can you truly be in control of your life IF you’re not happy with the results? At some point you MUST develop the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual discipline to FOLLOW THROUGH on every goal and commitment you make. And that requires being able to say NO to everything that holds you back from living your life at maximum potential. That’s why I’ve designed Beastification Week.

It begins January 11th – January 18th, 2011. Starting at 6AM. If you’re serious about removing everything that’s getting in the way of your success, so you can develop non-stop, unstoppable motivation that’s necessary to achieve your biggest goals — then I’ll see you Tuesday, January 18th at 6AM. Not signed up? Click Here

But in the event that you’re still not ready to achieve your goals (because you can’t stay motivated long enough to actually follow through and take consistent action) let me help you with this one simple question.


Let me say it another way.

All the positions… all the words you like to hear… all the fantasies you’ve shared… all the climaxes – the mind-blowing, intense, non-stop OVERFLOW of orgasmic climaxes MUST STOP.  I said NO!

It’s time to CUTTER OFF!!!!!

All the promises of promotion, the backstabbing co-workers, the boss who uses you and makes you work harder than you should for less than you’re worth, the long hours at the sacrifice of your family and peace of mind, all for a small  direct deposit that comes into your bank account (for money that’s already spent) MUST STOP. I said NO!

It’s time to CUTTER OFF!!!!!

All the business ideas and plans you have inside your head that get IGNORED because you don’t follow through… all the false confidence you have when no-one is looking, all the skills and success you have in your private little comfort area (performing in front of friends only, cooking for friends only, keeping your poetry to yourself, keeping your products to a close circle) MUST STOP. I said NO!

It’s time to CUTTER OFF!!!!!

All the compromising of your integrity, self-worth, feelings, and self-esteem just so you can please someone else for their false approval, false love, false acceptance MUST STOP. I said NO!

It’s time to CUTTER OFF!!!!!


It’s simple — There ain’t no way in HELL YOU CAN BE “JUST FRIENDS” with….

…insecurity, doubts, fears, jealous, hatred, low self-esteem, brokeness, previous hurts, emotional baggage, complicated relationships, unsupportive friendships, and negativity of ANY KIND. It doesn’t matter whether YOU make yourself feel this way, or SOMEONE else makes you feel this way. There will be no more excuses.

Those days are gone.  No you can’t TAKE IT BACK. It’s time to be happy and get the LIFE YOU TRULY DESERVE!

Whatever happened in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and even 1999 is done with. It’s over.

Fortunately for you… it’s the beginning of 2011 and this can be the beginning of your NEW LIFE. When you join us for Beastification Week – you might feel some pain, you might have to make some very hard decisions that you probably don’t want to make.

But I promise… if you join us NOW – while we go through this TOGETHER – you will be okay!

We are going to be here to help you. Me and hundreds of other people are going to be your NEW friends, your NEW support system, your NEW resource for information. So don’t be afraid to CUT THEM OFF. SAY NO and mean NO!

January 18th at 6AM  – I need to see you. We’re going to destroy everything that’s keeping you from reaching your full potential and develop the internal mindset to stay motivated all year long – so you can follow through with your actions and FINALLY conquer your goals in 2011 and beyond!

SIGN UP NOW — because there will be no Beastification week in 2012. If you don’t join us now… you’ll hate yourself later – because we will achieve success with or without you!

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  1. It’s January 11th! Don’t miss it! We’re getting BEASTY!!!!!

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  3. As a fellow entrepreneur and someone who’s seen you grow from your page on facebook…I must say I love the cut of your hustle Ms Sykes. Keep it going.


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