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I actually DID move to Atlanta, but what you’re looking at right now is a picture of ME on the plane heading BACK to New York City, Thursday, January 6th, 2011. Do I look like I’m playing? No. BEASTIFICATION WEEK — AUDIO PREVIEW

I’m not heading back to visit friends, I’m heading back because I changed my mind. Now you say… “but Shanel, I can’t move that fast.” Why not? If people can go to jail and leave everything behind, why can’t you leave everything behind to change your life for the better.

Your mind is naturally programmed to think of all the reasons you can’t do something, but take a minute to think about the reality: there are 50 States, there are people in every state, there are jobs in every state, there are people who will like you in every state. In short…

Hesitation sleeps with procrastination. And together they breed FAILURE. In BEASTIFICATION WEEK I’m going to show you how to face your fear and take BIG BOLD actions that can immediately change your life forever.


I’ll show you how to gear your mind to handle the negative and positive effects that will come as a result of you taking that action. And you’ll learn how to AVOID and MINIMIZE all possibilities of failure when you decide to take these life changing actions.

Surprisingly, it’s not that hard at all. You simply need to know how to control your fear mechanisms (which I will show you in Beastification Week) and properly use your energy to rebuild a new state of comfortableness.

Maybe you don’t need to relocate. But there is something in your life where you DO NEED to make a BIG decision and take a BIG action immediately. You can NOT do one without the other.

When you make a BIG DECISION, you must IMMEDIATELY take the next step. Don’t worry about what people think or what they say.

One decision you must make is to join me January 11th at 6AM to start Beastification Week.

1) What DECISION do you need to make? (A BIG decision)

2) What ACTION do you need to take to enforce that decision?

3) Why have you hesitated?


If you want to join us for Beastification week click here.

FRIDAY – Live Ustream at 9pm ET

SATURDAY – Pre-Registration Begins

Tuesday – January 11th – 6am ET – BEASTIFICATION WEEK BEGINS!!!

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