Stop Sleeping With Your Past and Get Married to Your Future

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In the ELEVATION LIFE MASTERY program I empower women to make a fundamental shift in how they create results in their life.

It’s very simple.

Stop sleeping with your past and get married to your future.


You might think this is a play on words, but I’d like to invite you into a new realm of possibility for your live by making this perspective shift.

You see, the results you get in life are created by what you give in life.

When you are not committed to something, you give less of your time and energy and open the door for little bitty tiny results. I’ll give you a perfect example. You are required to do whatever it takes each and every month to put food on the table, pay your electric bill, pay your mortgage and this is ALL a result of one thing : a strong, will to do SOMETHING that creates the financial means to do all of the aforementioned items.

Sally and Jane may drive different cars, eat different types of food and spend different amounts of money, but they would both be hungry and broke without their commitment to do some type of work that creates financial means. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.

It’s quite obvious that people CAN be committed to things that matter to them.

Now here’s a very enlightening and perhaps powerful realization that you must realize.

The ability to eat, drink and have a place to sleep and enjoy an occasional “fun” moment is AS FAR as most people will go in life. You would think they are chained to some sort of INVISIBLE LEASH that keeps them from having all of the other things they secretly wish and hope for. They’ll blame society, friends, circumstances, problems, husbands, wives, children, employers, employees, dogs, cats, birds, weather, their past, for “the reason” for not being able to have what they truly desire in life.

To put this plainly… do you HONESTLY plan to stay on the path you’re on for the next 20 or 30 years?


And most people are not committed to CHANGING anything. So they’re committed to THE SAME of EVERYTHING they already have and everything they’ve already had. Now here’s my question :


I ask this question because I know that you could change your entire life, if you spent 40 hours a week WORKING on changing your life, instead of just spending 40 hours a week WORKING. There’s a difference. This supreme level of commitment is what makes the difference between those who make progress in 6 months vs those who make progress in 6 years. It’s the difference between 5 figures, 6 figures and 7 figures. How committed are you to the FUTURE that you proclaim you want?

How many times have you ever said this (or thought this) to someone:

“You SAY you love me! But your actions say something else”

It’s true. Actions are louder than words. When you are in a committed relationship you don’t answer the phone sometimes, when it’s convenient do you ? (I hope not). You answer the call everyday. You deal with the challenges everyday. You are committed to that person, everyday. You are probably thinking about them throughout the day.

This same intensity must be applied to whatever it is that you are dreaming about for your life. 

Unfortunately, many people are living HALF OF THEIR LIFE because they’re simply not committed to their future. They talk about it, they want it, they tweet about it but in the dark when no one’s watching… when all the lights are out, when all have fallen asleep, the night is still, they are FROZEN still, PARALYZED completely from doing anything to change their life. Not because they can’t, but because there is no EVICTION notice for a dream deferred. Dreams unfulfilled get buried in coffins, along with would be rich and successful men and women. 

Aside from the occasional book they read or the slight urge of inspiration, their future sits in the back of their mind like a cute and fluffy abandoned puppy. Let me explain what this looks like in reality. Maybe this will give you a quick glimpse in the mirror to make sure this isn’t happening to you.

I see:

  • Business owners SETTLING, COMPLACENT, STUCK and COMFORTABLE with their current level of success. Silently cursing their current income, but never fully embracing the changes it takes to reach the next level. Doing whatever it takes to silence the quiet voice that’s screaming to get more clients, charge higher fees and create better products and services.
  • Women SETTLING, COMPLACENT and STUCK in current relationships or marriages. Doing whatever it takes to *blame* the other person, to *explain* away the unhappiness, the friction, the disappointment of not being fully self-expressed, not having fun, excitement, passion, intimacy, and freedom in their relationship.
  • WOMEN SETTLING, COMPLACENT, STUCK and COMFORTABLE with their lifestyle. Dreaming secretly for more lavish living, dreaming to be more confident, more powerful, more influential, dreaming to be an amazing, extraordinary woman with power passion and purpose, but never really taking the leap to BECOME that woman. They’ll start a thing, but won’t finish what they start. Until 3 months later when another flash of inspiration hits them.

There are many more. I’m sure you can think of a few.

But in each of these cases, success, freedom, wealth, happiness, joy and freedom are being SUPPRESSED because of comfort zones.

It’s simply because you are comfortable where you are. And how could you not be? The mortgage is paid, there’s food on the table, there’s clothes on your back and you can get to work to do it all over again in the morning.

Please, make no mistake about it. There is nothing “wrong” with this. Nothing at all.

But if I were to follow you around with a tape recorder and see how truly HAPPY you are, how many moments of pure BLISS you enjoy, or how much LIFE you actually GET everyday? How many moments are you spending DOING WHAT YOU WANT vs doing what you HAVE TO DO… I’m sure I could easily prove one underlying fact.

That you are merely EXISTING and not fully LIVING. 

Because you are not yet MARRIED to your future.

You have NOT put a ring on it.

You have NOT proposed to it.

You have NOT gotten up every day to look and feel your best for it.

You have NOT taken the time to get to know it inside and out.

LIVING means you are growing. An organism that is not springing forth with more life, is dying. And everything in nature MUST evolve.

That’s why you have to get MARRIED TO YOUR FUTURE.

It’s a choice you make to liberate your entire lifestyle. It is the choice you make to LIBERATE your finances, LIBERATE your happiness, LIBERATE your joy, LIBERATE your self-fulfillment, LIBERATE your passion, LIBERATE your spirit. 

But this ELEVATED level of commitment does not work like a light switch. It’s something you turn on and never turn off. It’s something that requires sacrifice, time, energy and sometimes – every fiber of your being.

But WITH that commitment comes the greatest pleasures you’ve ever known. With commitment comes true, long-lasting JOY, HAPPINESS, SATISFACTION, PEACE OF MIND and FULFILLMENT. With commitment you have a business that runs without you, a business that changes lives across the globe, you have a marriage that is filled with outrageous bliss, you have the body you’ve dreamed, you have family time, you have balance, you have TIME, FREEDOM and ENERGY to spend more of your time DOING what you WANT… for no other reason because you CAN.

And when you get MARRIED to your FUTURE… you step into your dream. You live in a world based on what you created from your consciousness, not a world based on what you settle for.

There are ways you can get committed. One way in particular is to make up your mind that you want something GREATER than your PAST.

Until you change your present, you are repeating and reheating your past like leftovers.

So this question is simple : that thing that burns deep within your soul… that thing you want, that lifestyle, that success, that achievement. Capture it in your mind and ask yourself — are you ready to begin LIVING for it? Are you ready to get married to it?

I don’t know what you’re married to.

But if you’re ready for a bigger and better life, it’s time to ELEVATE yourself. Get married to your future and stop flirting with it.



How to Use The Power of WISDOM to Transform Your Life

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A while ago, I almost cancelled a meditation call.

It *almost* didn’t happen.

But everybody knows, almost doesn’t count.

The world “ALMOST” will get in your way every single 
time you scratch the surface of greatness.

You ALMOST completed this. You ALMOST completed that. 
You ALMOST achieved your goal. You ALMOST took that leap 
of faith. But today, almost will disappear. 

I want to tell you about WISDOM. There’s something you 
need to do, that requires a wisdom.

You don’t need to 
*almost* or *halfway* or *kind of* make a decision. 

It’s time to gain clarity and make the wise choice. 
Whether it’s getting a new job or letting go of a toxic relationship.  Making wise choices that move your life forward, even 
when it seems impossible.

Even when you don’t know how. It was big for me. Everyone would have 
understood if I couldn’t make it. I literally wasn’t feeling well. I was sick, 
hunched over and vomiting. (Sorry but its true) But… I realized something. I had to push. I felt how I felt, but I knew somebody 
needed me.

With all the recent events, I knew that if I 
pushed through in my WORST moment, I’d help somebody 
else receive their BEST moment. So I followed my intuition and I’m glad I did. Before I give you today’s affirmation, I want to give 
you a recap of what we talked about. And this 
is important because you’re about to make some very 
serious decisions about your future. Please, use wisdom. Make wise choices.

What’s WISDOM? It’s the quality of having experience, knowledge, and 
good judgment; the quality of being wise.

It’s knowing when to push, knowing when not to. Knowing 
when to stay, when to leave. Knowing when to stop, when 
to start. Knowing that your purpose in life is bigger than you… 
and whatever you feel or think, whatever struggle, hurt, 
pain, heartache – is just a part of the process to get 
your greatness. Today, I want to empower you to be WISE about your 
decisions. Because every decision you make is either 
HELPING your life or HURTING your life. Every decision you make is moving you CLOSER to your 
dreams or FURTHER from your dreams.

Wisdom is what happens when you realize that no weapon, 
no obstacle, no circumstance formed against you shall 
prosper. And because you’re wise, you keep moving forward anyway. 
You don’t sweat the small stuff. You don’t let doubt, 
fear, UPPERCUT you and knock you out.


Remind yourself that even though *this* is where you 
are, *this* is not where you’re going to be forever. 
That’s wisdom. And now is a time in your life where you can’t afford not to make 
wise choices.

Here’s a powerful affirmation


TODAY I am committed to 
living a FULL life. LIFE IS TOO SHORT for anything else. 
No weapon, BS, drama, negativity shall prosper today. I 
REFUSE to be blocked by anyone or anything. I’m too busy 
dreaming, living, laughing, succeeding in every area of 
what I do, because I am who I am, and I am who I am 
because I can BE whoever I chose to BE. God made me who 
I AM, and I’m FREE to be me. WISE, SUCCESSFUL and FREE.


Make as many wise choices as you can today. Do you need 
to get up early? Do you need to stay at work late? Do 
you need to cook dinner a little earlier? Is it time to 
grab some new knowledge? Did you make the wise decision 
to let go of someone or something? Keep these questions in mind as you navigate through 
your day. Be WISE about the choices you make.

Now don’t just CLOSE this and go on with your 
regularly scheduled life.

Here’s the assignment. PICK (1) area in your life that 
isn’t as satisfactory as you’d like it to be.

Then write 
down 3 WISE DECISIONS you can make to improve it within 
the next 24 hours.

Do you always get upset when your friend, spouse, boss calls or doesn’t call ? Do 
you always get upset when coworkers ask you if something 
gets done? Do you feel frustrated, anxious or confused 
when you don’t get things done on time? Have you been 
PROCRASTINATING to do the thing you said you would do? Okay.

Fine. Let’s take some action and be wise about how 
we deal with it. The above assignment is a simple step. 
And like always, you have the option to NOT do it, but 
that’s hopefully NOT why you signed up to read this. Be WISE today.

Keep the mindset, attitude 
to change YOUR life on YOUR terms. No matter how much I motivate or pump you up, it’s 
ultimately up to YOU to LIVE, ACT and BREATHE your own